KMX Ceramic Sealant

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KMX ceramic sealant uses a combination of Si02 (ceramic) and nano technology to create a tough, long lasting, paint sealant. Unlike other ceramic sealants, KMX is easy to use. Just a spray and wipe. Yet, it creates a deep, slick finish. Another unique property is that KMX is water-based. It contains less than 10 grams of VOC per liter making it legal to use as a Paint Sealant in all 50 States. By using nano particles, KMX can penetrate and fill the tiny paint imperfections and then seal the surface. This creates more depth and shine than other products. The tough Si02 protectant then seals the paint and creates a tough barrier against bird droppings, industrial fallout, and other environmental contaminates.

Testing shows that KMX outlasts several other ceramic sealants on the market. Many 9H ceramic sealants can’t stand-up to detergents with a pH above 10. For this reason, many companies void their paint warranty if the customer takes their car through the car wash just one time! KMX is the perfect product for warranty companies who want a fast, safe, long-lasting paint sealant for their customers. It will keep the dealerships happy because their staff can apply it to a vehicle in under 10 minutes. And, the durability will keep claims low.



  • Fast spray & wipe formula
  • Contains Nano particles
  • Low VOC formula
  • Utilizes Si02 for long-lasting protection
  • No caking or sticky residue.
  • Fastest application of all sealants
  • No Dust


  1. Wash vehicle to remove dirt and grime with a good quality car wash shampoo.
  2. Rinse and dry vehicle. Remove any paint imperfections, scratches, spiderwebs, etc.
  3. Spray a light mist onto a towel or directly onto a section of a cool vehicle.
  4. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to spread the product evenly and then flip the towel to a dry side or use a separate, dry microfiber to buff the section to a deep, smooth, shine.
  5. Allow 24 hours for the polymers to fully cure before washing vehicle with detergent.

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