Bumper Gelle

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Restore faded and chalky plastic trim to new.  Bumper Gelle will remove oxidation and chalkiness from plastic trim and then restore the surface to like new.  Bumper Gelle contains a blend of cleaners and polymers that work like no other product on the market.  Use for plastic trim and rubber components to create a deep, black, non-greasy shine that will last for months.




  • Cleans old plastic trim
  • Removes the chalkiness
  • Restores plastic trim to like new condition
  • Contains Si02 Ceramic polymers to protect the surface.
  • Applies a non-greasy ceramic coating that bonds to the plastic.
  • Last for several months.
  • Non-VOC formula is safe for the environment.


  1. Wash vehicle with car wash soap.  Rinse and dry.
  2. Apply Bumper Gelle to an applicator pad or towel.
  3. Apply product to plastic trim.  If chalky, rub area to remove oxidation and make plastic smooth.
  4. Allow product to dry.
  5. Product will take approximately 24 hours to fully cure and bond to the surface

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