Extreme:  A versatile pre-soak that easily breaks the bond between dirt and the vehicle’s surface.  This non-caustic formula will not stain or streak paint, plastic or rims, yet easily removes even the toughest dirt.  Great for traffic film, grease and road salts.  Highly concentrated formula should be diluted from 20:1 to 80:1 prior to use

Bug Remover – Alaska Formula:  Specially formulated to remove even the toughest bug residue. Dilute 5:1 with water. Spray onto the front of the vehicle and watch the bugs melt away. Fast acting formula will not etch or harm paint.

Prep Wash EXT:  Our most concentrated Pre-soak. Prep Wash EXT uses the latest generation surfactant technology to easily loosen all types of dirt, grease, road film and grime from the surface of the vehicle. This product can be sprayed onto the paint and glass before it enters the tunnel or it can be sprayed on the vehicle using the first arch. It is fast acting and safe for your vehicle. Dilute from 80:1 to 150:1 with water to achieve desired results.


Tunnel Shampoo:  A highly concentrated shampoo that creates a luxurious and rich foam.  Biodegradable, non-toxic, neutral pH, and does not contain any hydrocarbons.  Easily removes grease and grime while lubricating brushes.  Dilutes up to 800:1 to achieve desired foaming and strength. Specifically formulated to be a thin product to easily work with all car wash dilution systems.

Low pH Shampoo:  A strong acid and surfactant cleaner used as part of a two part cleaning system. Contains phosphoric acid to remove even the toughest dirt. This product does not contain Hydrofluoric Acid. Dilute through the Car Wash dilution system 80:1 – 100:1. Apply to the vehicle through an arch at low pressure. Allow to dwell and rinse. This product must be followed with Eliminator to achieve effective cleaning and neutralize any residual acid.

Eliminator: Eliminator is a strong alkaline and surfactant cleaner. It can be used alone or in conjunction with with a two part Acid / Alkaline touchless system. Eliminator creates a thick, rich foam and is excellent and removing road film and salt from vehicles.

Foaming Brush Shampoo: This product is specifically designed for use through the brush selection in self-service washes. It creates a thick, red foam as it easily removes bugs, dirt, grease and grime from the vehicle. It also has a great cherry smell.


Rainbow Foam Protectant (yellow, blue & red) This product is a high foaming protectant.It provides thick shaving cream type foam when used with foam generation equipment. It’s colors are vibrant and strong giving great show to the customer. The product easily rinses clean and leaves a layer of polymer protection on the vehicle.

Clear Coat Sealer: This is a non-foaming, non-colored protectant. It is used in car washes that do not have foam generation equipment installed. It creates a generous layer of polymer protectant on the vehicle that beads water and gives depth and shine to the paint.

Rinse Aid 2000: This is the final product applied to a vehicle in a tunnel wash. It is applied with the final rinse water to displace the water and provides a protective barrier and shine to the vehicle. This product makes the blowers more efficient at removing water saving valuble time for the workers hand drying the vehicles.


Additional items include Towel Shampoo, Dressings, and a variety of custom formulated products.  Contact your local distributor or contact the factory for additional product information.