Super Duty Compound
Our most aggressive compound. Super Duty levels paint runs
and 800 – 1,000 grit scratches quickly. Super Duty stands out
as the toughest compound available for today’s clear coat
paints. Contains Crystalline Silica
Part #’s 22-934 Gallon, 22-933 Quart

Qwik Kut MV-350
Removes 1,000 – 1,200 scratches from even the hardest
paint systems. Creates the faster cut necessary for these paint
systems, but still polishes out to a great swirl free finish. Easy
clean-up makes compounding a snap. Follow with UNO for
a perfect finish in just two steps.
Part #’s 22-814 Gallon, 22-913 Quart

Qwik Kut MV-250
Designed to remove 1500 – 2000 sanding scratches and
oxidation, MV-250 buffs easy and the heat induced
abrasives break down to create a gorgeous finish. Follow
with UNO or Foam Pad Machine Glaze to create a deep, swirl
free finish.
Part #’s 22-804 Gallon, 22-803 Quart

Krystal Kut Compound
Designed as a micro-finishing compound, we combine two
synthetic abrasives which first cut, then break down and polish
the finish to a smooth gloss. Use to remove 1,500 sanding
scratches, acid rain, oxidation, etc. Slower drying time
allows longer working time and better polishing.
Part #’s 22-604 Gallon, 22-603 Quart

UNO – All in One Compound & Glaze
When used with a wool cutting pad, UNO will remove, not
just hide, 1200 grit sanding scratches. Then switch to a foam
pad and buff again to create a swirl-free finish. UNO
creates the ultimate show-car finish.
Part # 22-984 Gallon, 22-983 Quart

Blended with micro-fine abrasives, Mystique is the ultimate
product for finesse compounding. Actually eliminates compound
swirls and scratches caused by harsher compounds.
Creates a deep, smooth luster in one easy application
Part #’s 22-664 Gallon, 22-663 Quart

Foam Pad Machine Glaze
This silicone free glaze is perfect for removing light scratches
or swirl marks. Creates a deep, dark shine for the perfect finish.
Use with a high speed buffer and soft foam pad for best
results. Recommended for black, red and other difficult to
polish colors.
Part #’s 22-444 Gallon, 22-443 Quart

Hand Glaze
A Break-through product. Apply by hand or orbital polisher
to remove light scratches and create the ultimate shine. Easy
on and off formula make this product the best silicone free
polish available today. Protects paint for up to 3 weeks.
Great for detailing/cleaning after machine glazing.
Part #’s 22-504 Gallon, 22-503 Quart

Body Clay
Body Clay is the easiest way to remove overspray, tree sap
mist, brake dust and other contaminants from a vehicles
paint, glass and decorative trim without the use of harsh
chemicals. Available in two strengths.
Part #’s 122-100 Mild, 22-110 Moderate

Rubber Dressing Concentrate
A short term non-silicone formula designed specifically for
body shops. Very economical (mixes 4:1). For exterior rubber
trim only.
Part #’s 13-344 Gallon, 13-335 Bucket