Mark V Products is a family company established in 1971 in a garage in Whittier, CA. The founder wanted to sell products that provided value to the customer. He didn’t want to sell the most expensive or the cheapest products, but rather the best products for customers’ money. We started by manufacturing and selling products to automobile dealerships, car washes, body shops, and detailing shops in the Southwestern US. By 1989 we expanded distribution to the rest of the United States and Canada.

In June 2002, the company was purchased by 2nd Gen Productions, Inc.  The purchase allowed Mark V to continue growing, along with keeping the integrity of the family business providing high quality products. With a concentration on the commercial market we have also expanded to private labeling products for a wide variety of industries, such as the bowling industry, movie industry, patio furniture industry, aircraft industry, marine industry, and recycling industry.

Through the years, we have always tried to create products with unbeatable value. Our products are cost effective, concentrated and easier to use than competitive products. This reduces the amount of labor it takes to achieve great results and complete a job. This makes the workers happier and reduces job cost.